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english bulldog

Not a champion related.
houston, TX, 77072, United States
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Dash is my everything. Unfortunately I separated from my partner and am unable to provide Dash with the quality of life he deserves. He suffers from extreme separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for more than 30mins at a time (ideally he is not left alone at all). Currently due to my working hours I am putting Dash in a daycare for 12hrs a day, every day. The cost does not bother me. Dash not being home and in my loving arms does. I would like Dash to go to a loving couple (sorry, no young children) who have the time for Dash and will not be leaving him in a cage all day or like me having to put him in daycare for extended periods (not good for his health). He has so much love to give and deserves the time and compassion from his owners. Dash is house-trained and can perform all the main commands. He is an angel. Please only contact me if you are willing to give it your all with Dash.kindly leave me a message (240)-412-2323

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