Our Cause. Our Purpose.

We believe that your dog is and should be a mirror of you, your family, your values and the things that you stand for. Simply put, a dog is the reflection of their owner, just in doggy form. From our experience, finding the right dog is an extreme challenge. As dog lovers, we know that home is where your dog is. This is why finding a puppy dog to fit your family’s individual lifestyle is so important. Raising a dog in the family is also a great experience for everyone including children.

With those things in mind, in 2015 we set out to do the impossible. We believed that we could design an unforgettable experience to help you find your new and unforgettable best friend. So we did. We hit the clouds and came back with a powerful and unique system to help you find your dream dog or puppy online. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s safe and best of all it’s entirely free. Choose from the many breeds, shapes, sizes, colors and features that our site has to offer. The choice is yours. Your new best friend awaits you just beyond the clouds.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for joining us as we travel through the Dog Cloud perpetually creating the experience that you truly deserve.

Sincerely, Your Dog Cloud Team
because it’s always forever